Vintage wedding entertainment ideas by decade

Retro and vintage weddings are in fashion and many a bride has drawn inspiration from bygone eras for her special day. Vintage weddings are not all about the decorations and dresses; they also require the perfect entertainment to suit the theme.


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Depending on the decade, vintage wedding entertainment can take on many guises. Here we take a look at what sort of options are available.

The 1940s

Vintage china, bunting and some of the best music from the 40s make for an excellent wedding. Big band, swing and jazz were incredibly popular in this era; now, over 70 years later, they are still guaranteed to get everyone in the mood. Some of this decade’s classics are also incredibly romantic and create a wonderful vintage wedding theme.

The 1950s

If you don’t want to splash out on a DJ or a live band for your vintage wedding, a jukebox playing 50s tunes is a great alternative. Resources such as vintage wedding ideas at Style and the Bride are cost effective and unique and will give your big day a special touch. In keeping with

Winter fashion essentials for right now

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Right now, it’s cold outside. Right now summer is a long time away. Don’t let these twin truths hurl you into a bleak depression. Read on for six winter fashion essentials guaranteed to blow away the blues…

Hats all folks

Keep your head warm and your spirits high with a statement hat. Thecool club are  picking up Fedoras in all different colours and styles. Customise your head gear with tickets, feathers or sequins – whatever your personal style dictates.

And for on those blustery days when a Fedora might struggle to stay in place, pull on a woolly bobble hat.  Scalp hugging, colourful, woolly and warm. Who knew that Where’s Wally could kick off such a trend?

Knit wit

The knitted jumper dress is a practical solution to that perennial winter poser ‘How can I look fab whilst staying warm?’ This relaxed and informal style works well for day wear. A black short dressin wool works in the office and after dark, dressed up with a few bits of choice bling. You can get

How to Select Women’s Trousers from the Stores in Greater Kailash

Once upon a time trousers were only associated with men. But gone are the days. Since quite some time now trousers have become a wardrobe staple for women especially the women who have to sweat it out all day outdoors. Shops in Greater Kailash prioritize on specially crafted trousers which are a perfect combination of sheer comfort and the classic look which is indispensable to make your mark in the corporate world.



Shopping for men’s trousers is a less tedious job. But when it comes to women’s trousers it’s quite a hassle. Women tend to go crazy with the wide variety that is up at the stores. Hold it on, woman. Calm down. Take a deep breath and think before you come down to the final pair(s). Purchasing a well-fitted pair is a must. Trousers come in a variety of styles such as boot-cut, slim-fit, straight fit, etc. Choosing one in sync with your body type is very important for the perfect appearance.


To Buy Your Luxury Handbags Online

If it is not all, almost women agree that handbag is one among some other pivotal things that they need not only to stay in style, but also for its function. Simply like the clothes, the shoes, and anything else that are draped from head to toe, handbag is part of fashion. That is why, they never take it lightly when deciding to buy one. Speak of buying a handbag, there are many places you can go depending on what kind of handbag that you want to buy. However, if you look for designer handbags online, you can consider Dallas Luxury Handbags.

Looking a reliable source for designer handbag, be sure that you won’t do it recklessly. Not all, but some supplier can easily trick you. If you have someone who loves to by this kind of handbag online, asking for her recommendation is also a good idea. When buying designer handbag for your needs, before deciding to buy or not to buy the handbag for certain vendor, spare you time to look around their website to find out numbers of handbag collections.

Making sure that for each picture that is displayed there, it

Student Loan to Make Sure that You Get Better Educations

Nowadays, getting the student loan is not something that you cannot get. That is because many students nowadays are getting the loan to continue their study. However, before you get the student loans, you might want to simply consider some of these things such as in so that you can simply pick the best loan that you can get for your further study. That is because if you cannot get the best loan for your study, then you might not be able to pay for the loan after you graduate. The worst scenario is that you might not be able to finish your study because you are running out of money from the loan.

The first thing that you need to consider is your personal credit. You need to understand that your credit score is one big thing to determine if they can grant your application or not. That is because the students with the low credit score have the bigger chance to get rejected. Therefore, make sure that you have the nice credit score. If you want, you can try to improve your credit score first before you apply for this kind of

The Best Shop for Your Punk Styles

If you are becoming one of them, it means that you also have to show the best appearance for your own body also. You need to update your style with the best punk accessories and style for supporting your daily appearance. If you are looking for the best style for your appearance, you do not need to be worried. You can get the best one from the special store. For instance, for the bullet belt, you can get the awesome bullet belt at They offer you with the best style of the bullet belt and you can suit it with your punk style. Do not worry for the quality since they guarantee that they will give the best one for your own appearance

Do you like to pay attention to your own appearance? Why do you like to pay attention to your own appearance? Well, I believe that everyone will want to show the best appearance that they can show to all of the people. We know that many people commonly show the own appearance to show what kind of people they are. That’s why here we need to make sure that we can

Why You Need Custom Screen Printed For T-Shirts

So, why do you need custom screen printed t shirts? In fact, the reasons are plenty as you may get many benefits from custom screen printed method for the t shirt. If you think about promoting your products, events, or services, screen printed t shirt can be very good idea. And you will admit this is also very effective to attract people to know things you want to introduce to them. Take benefits from human’s nature that love to move, the chance to let people outside your area know about whatever you want to inform through the t shirt.

Or else, you can also treat screen printed t shirts as your personal style that distinct you with others. See? There are many things which can be done by custom screen printed for t shirts. As this kind of screen printed t shirts are custom-made, you better find out first the right place to the screen printed t shirts. Let it alone, when it comes to options, you are drenched with numbers. Simply find some reviews and make some notes for certain vendors that you assume reliable like SHIRTPRINTING4U and some other names that you have

Guidelines For Wholesale Feather Supplier For Your Projects

Put aside flowers, feather is quite popular for decorating material. You can treat feather as centerpiece in wedding celebration alone or you can combine with flower as part of floral arrangement. Not only for certain occasion like wedding, but you also can utilize feather for some other special events like kind of party with Mardi Gras theme or some other party themes you have on mind. Decorating the venue with feather is not the only thing which can be done by feather, say that you need something festive to drape yourself for peculiar carnival or festival where you become a part it, feather can do a great job for you.

For your project whether it’s for decoration needs, art project, or your accessories, there are many options of feather you can choose with its numerous designs to pick, such as, ostrich feather fringe, wing plumes, drabs, and many others. Buying the feathers either ostrich feather or some other kind of feather like boas, peacock, and so on, you boldly need to choose the one that has good reputation if you yearn for the numerous options and the fine quality of the feather that you buy.

Best Seller Perfume Available Online

There is some perfume best seller in the site. There are two types of perfume actually. For the first is perfume for men. This perfume is usually used by men. However some women use this also. In other word, for some women, men’s perfume has good taste in their body. We will differentiate both of them. For the second is women’s perfume. This perfume is only used for women. This is caused by men do not want to use this perfume. There are some perfumes which become best seller. You will know it after you read the paragraph below. Let’s check this out.

There are some perfumes for women which become best seller. For the first is Lanvin Jeanne Couture. This perfume has two advantages. Firstly is from the taste. The taste of this perfume is good. Besides that, this can be from the package. The package of this perfume is good because there is a ribbon on that. Besides that, the price is not that high. For the second is Lanvin Marry me. This perfume is the best perfume. This is usually used by men to ask women to marry him. This has lower

Fashion Tips For Apple Shaped Women

If you have a thick waist and small hips, then you have an apple shaped body. Don’t envy the pear shaped girls and hourglass figures. You too can look shapely and womanly if you dress to flatter your figure and Fall 2008 through Winter 2009 fashion has plenty of outfits made just for you.

First of all, unlike a pear shaped girl or hourglass figure, an apple girl’s waist isn’t the narrowest part of her torso. That award goes to her ribcage. So treat the narrowest part of your ribcase as your waist, and suddenly, you’ve got curves too.

By bringing the waistline of your dresses and tops to your rib cage, the effect seen in empire waist clothes, you get a shapely figure. So focus on empire waist dresses and blouses. They flatter you.

Now for Fall and Winter 2008, dresses are hot and they skim the natural waist. Many of them have empire waists. The lace black dress with long sleeves is in. As is the pretty flowy top with big sleeves. So girl, this is your season.

1. Start with a new dress. Prints or plain. Colored or neutral. It doesn’t matter, other than the fact that

Jessi Cruickshank Launches new T-Shirt at Me To We

A couple of weeks ago I had the please of meeting the former MTV host Jessi Cruickshank at The ME to We store. I was woken up from a nap by a friend who works for the non- profit organization, asking me If I would like to help out. I thought about it for a minute and decided that I am past the age where I need to “nap” anymore. I woke up, got ready and headed towards the store. I did arrive a bit later than everyone else,I looked around and spotted my friend waving at me. As I approached I realized that she was mid conversation with Jessi herself. I was taken back by how comfortable she made me feel. We talked about make up and lipsticks and then eased into her collaboration with Me To We.

Jessi spoke about her collaboration with the Free The Children and the impact it left on her. She wanted to do more and find different ways that she can help spread the word about the organizations.In my opinion, The T-Shirt idea is wonderful because it helps Jessi play a role in the fashion design, and give back to the community

Can Fashion Addiction Lead To Debt

For the majority of people, fashion is just a harmless interest they choose to indulge in every now and again. But, all over the world, fashion is becoming something people rely on, causing shopping to become an addiction which could potentially lead many into serious financial difficulties.

For many women as well as men, fashion provides that much craved feel-good-factor. For women especially, fashion is relied upon for make them feel good, as, as the saying goes, to look good is to feel good. However, anything that makes someone feel elated can become potentially addictive, and, combined with the media’s visual of looks relating to success, can create a real problem.

The fashion industry today is also highly pressurising, with thrown-away fashion making it harder and more expensive for women especially to keep up to date with the latest trends. With the changing seasons come changing trends, but we are also now seeing more trends per season, again making it more expensive to get all the looks.

The media are particularly to blame for sheer amount of idealised images of fashion we are subjected to day after day. Whether it’s on TV, in magazines or online, we never seem to be able

How and Where can An individual Acquire Top quality Bridesmaid Dresses Brisbane Quickly

To have a perfect wedding is exactly what all brides is dreaming for. Looking attractive shouldn’t just be limited to the bride but to her bridesmaid also. Well, it’s them which walks on the aisle first. Brisbane is where you can find the most lovely places to have a perfect wedding. There’s also Bridesmaid Dresses Brisbane and some other wedding apparels available for sale in a number of stores in there./p>

Just like any other commodities currently, purchasing the Bridesmaid Dresses Brisbane on the internet is also possible. Compared to just travelling to search for a boutique filled with dresses that you need, shopping online is more easy. In this way, you’ll no longer need to go out of your house. You just have to find the finest Bridesmaid Dresses Brisbane online using your preferred search engine tool. You will be presented with the different choices of wedding dresses in which you can select the specific ones that go well with your wedding motif.

Wedding boutiques websites have provided pictures of the different styles and designs of dresses which are still offered at the time. Furthermore, clicking the image of the bridesmaid dress Brisbane will let you find a

Be open to choose the best Graduation Dresses

Choosing a prom party dress is a fun task. Don’t underestimate the power of stilettos and fancy makeup. Find quality Graduation Dresses and get started! You can keep up with the latest trends by making smart decisions. Some dresses are designed by fashion experts who truly care about glamour. Just start searching in advance and get prepared to feel beautiful. Get to find an appealing prom dress that will meet your needs. Don’t panic, there are many Graduation Dresses styles that will surely meet the dress-code. Selecting your dress is a fun experience.

A seamstress can always help you change specific details. But, don’t forget to look into the right size. You can look onto sizing charts that will prevent confusions. Find silk dresses that are lightweight and fancy. Some designers are developing dresses with appealing Indian decorations. Mix and match accessories and consider lace sleeves to the elbow. This will increase your glamour for sure. The best dress designers who focus on prom parties are exposed new trends.

If you’ve been feeling down due to unwanted pounds, start dieting and spot a luxurious dress. The best Graduation Dresses are at your disposal and will make you feel good about

Cowboy’s Fashion- Western Gun Holster

Cowboys are not gone. They are still among us and they are known for their classic and unique style. Being a cowboy is not just a matter of pride but also a matter of fashion. An important part of being a cowboy is shooting competition. The cowboys modern image is not just being rough and tough but also being stylish. In such a shooting competition, one thing that makes a cowboy stand out is his unique and remarkable fashion statement. The old hip shooting technique in shooting competitions make it necessary for every cowboy to own a range of handcrafted western accessories, one of which is the western gun holster.

Not many people are still living the basic cowboy life today. Needless to say, hip shooting is also too impractical today. However, the hip shooting accessories are ideal for some fun activities such as homemade movies and shooting competitions. The western gun holster, as one of these accessories, has been associated with the cowboy since 18th century. Cowboys are known for their uniqueness and this accessorys name is a part of it. When choosing the best gun holster, leather as one of the best materials are considered as one

Beautiful Burgundy Fashion Tips

Fashion gurus and style magazines are always telling us to coordinate the colour of clothes to create chic styles. Sound advice if you know the colours to mix and match, extremely confusing and annoying for those who struggle to coordinate and match colours!

If you love aubergine and burgundy a few simple rules should be applied to ensure you achieve a chic and very stylish outfit!

* Steer away from teaming with black during the spring and summer otherwise you will look drab and lifeless!

* Burgundy is a great alternative to black and dark blue as it will make you feel and look slimmer, particularly if you ensure your burgundy garments suit your body shape!

* Blue hues of burgundy teams beautifully with lavender, olive green and mushroom.

* Brown burgundy looks stunning when worn with contrasting green gold, tobacco or orange and flame inspired colour combinations.

* Burgundy which veers towards the pink spectrum looks striking teamed with beige grey, pink and nectarines shades.

If you don’t have a pair of shoes in the same contrasting colour opt for brown or olive green rather than black. Never wear black accessories, necklaces, earrings or belts with burgundy as they

Imitation Of Fashion

Imitation is the behavior of one who observes and replicates another. Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing. By all means, the world of fashion has been imitated by someone or something in some way or another. The key to fashion is expressing you. Finding what inspires you can help create a style that fits best with your true self. Even the originals of fashion have taken an idea of the world and turned it into their own. All you need is inspiration and that can be found anywhere. Art, films, travel, music or scenery can be a source of inspiration for one to adapt to and own as their self identity.

Having your own style consists of identifying who you want to be. You must first ask yourself What inspires you? Looking out into the world will help you to figure this out. Look to live up to things such as art, artists, movies and actresses and adapt them to your own character. Noticing details in your everyday life can be your source of inspiration. Fashion is very similar to things of the world like art, music, travel and film because it is a way

Fashion Faux Pas

Fashion violations demand attention, their existence is prominent but ever-so avoidable. Unassuming fashion victims must learn – there are just things you don’t do! Yes there are plenty of rules in the fashion world but they are easy to follow and easy to learn. As vein as it may seem, no matter who you are, where you live or what you do, people are constantly judging you based on your appearance. Sadly there is no way around this fact and while it’s not fair to judge a book by its cover, it doesn’t hurt to put a little effort into making it look good. Here are some fashion rules and guidelines to keep you from getting hit by the fashion police!

The Canadian Tuxedo Mixed Denim
A childhood friend of mine was convinced that she was going to name her poor children Denim and Lace, yikes. I’m sure she’s moved onto naming those future rug rats after more sophisticated fabrics but we can learn a little lesson Don’t ever mix denim and Lace, and even more so, DON’T Ever MIX DENIM. There is nothing that makes my eyes madder than seeing mixed denim because no matter how cute the

Identifying Latest Fashion Trends

Every person who is interested in following fashion trends is essential to update the latest fashion trends and developments in their world of modelling and fashion. When we discuss about fashion it does not only mean clothing even though the clothing is a major element of the individual particularly womens fashion; it also constitutes several other elements which includes jewelry, the hairstyles, accessories and all the other to become fashionable in all sense. One has to understand what the latest trend is as the world of fashion and clothing is always in a state of flux and a constantly changing factor. A person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm has to make sure that they should be updated with all the happenings around so that they can go along with the changing trends and styles. In short, in order to be aware of the latest trends and designs one has to get all the information in the field of modelling and fashion.

To identify what all are in-styles of this season and what are the new season must have, you can make good use of the fashion resources such as fashion magazines or fashion shows. Apart from the internet resources

Black Dresses – from the depths of mystic to the world of everyday fashion

Black Dresses were worn for sad events rather than for happy events in the past. They also wore Black Dresses for many mystical rituals that were linked with superstition. Then men started wearing black trousers for official or formal occasions. Eventually, they wore black trousers and a black overcoat for a variety of occasions. Black garments were still not a common dress among women. In the 19 century, the little Black Dress came to exist and it achieved great success in the garment arena. In fact, throughout the 19th century and thereafter and up to now, the Little Black Dress has been in the forefront in the arena of female garments.

With this development the nagging fear of society that Black Dresses are not for happy occasion faded. In fact, they became a symbol of modern fashion among many celebrities. When the glamour of Hollywood linked with black outfits, every other country put aside the myth surrounding Black Garments and instead it became places full of ladies who wear black for formal as well as informal events. After this fashion revolution, black outfits were worn for funerals as well as for weddings. They are also used as uniforms in many reputable

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